Take Charge By Setting Your Money Boundaries

We are in T in my S-M-A-R-T system on how to charge what you’re worth and get it.

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Here are the steps to take charge by setting your money boundaries:

Step 1:  Decide what your boundary is.

Step 2:  Know why your boundary is important to you.

Step 3.  Commit to stand in the power of what is itrue for you, no matter what

Money Don’ts:

  •  Don’t try to rescue people financially
  • Don’t let others financial drama become yours
  • Don’t let other’s pooor money boundaries rob you
  • Don’t assume people can’t pay
  • Don’t try to fix other’s money beliefs
  • Don’t let money issues go unresolved
  • Don’t avoid uncomfortable money conversations
  • Don’t feel guilty or fear loss of love because you might have more than others

Money Do’s:

  • Do respect other’s money choices
  • Do honour your own money boundaries
  • Do take care of money issues promptly
  • Do keep your financial house in order
  • Do feel love, appreciation, and gratitude for money
  • Do invest in yourself and growing your business
  • Do feel abundant in all areas of your life
  • Do stay passionately connected to your “money why”

There you have it!  The SMART System on how to charge what you’re worth and get it.

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