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We are in A in my S-M-A-R-T system on how to charge what you’re worth and get it.

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Your niche is the combination of 1) people you serve; 2) the situationally – specific problem you help them solve; 3) your special branded signature system.  In my Niche Breakthrough Secrets program, I lead clients to discover what business you are really in, choosing a lucrative category of highest potential to work with, identify specific tribes of potential ideal clients within your category and brainstorming out of the box, we test if the idea is hot or not, making the final choice, creating a signature system and big idea.

What I want to share with you is that the essential part of this process in the defining of your niche is to become clear as to having the right people to serve.  If you are involved with the wrong people, it does not matter how great an idea you have or how a system or business strategy you develop. You will end up with endless amounts of problems.  But if you learn how to associate with the right people in this process of creating your niche. You will find that the problems transform themselves effortlessly into enjoyable opportunities for creative solutions.

You must be the solution to the problem people most want solved.  This program is about becoming. The process of becoming.  It’s a transformational process that begins from within.  There are 4 hot niches hungry for your services.  The main categories are:

  1. Small business enterpreneurs
  2. Marketing
  3. Large executive coaching
  4. Health and wellness

Within these hot niches there aredozen of micro – niches.  In small business for example, there is sales coaching, market analysis, promotion, professional organizing, auditing, assistant development, event planning, sales support, customer service, copy writing, ghost writing, social media, team building, hiring, outsourcing, money management, coaching, and many other training programs.  This program will help open your mind and heart to the opportunities and help you to decide where you authentically want to be.

When you take a hot niche and combine it with a micro niche things can explode.  Or you can combine 2 hot niches in ways that can cause your business to really explode.  For example, in my business I have combined small business entrepreneurs and large corporation executive.  Now let me share with you the not so hot niches.

We see people struggling because they focus on clients who don’t value what they do.  You want people who will pay you enough for the service you are offering.  Examples of a not so hot niche is life balance, services to teachers, focus on vague concepts like more joy or more confidence, and tough sell right now is mom-preneurs.   You’ll learn why in the niche breakthrough secrets.  Another example is how to access inner wisdom or an esoteric and you can be successful but you have to be positioned to address a particular core group of people.  You can transform into a different niche that is much lucrative by repositioning.

Let’s talk about a dead end niche.  Key warning signs that you have a problem with your niche is that nobody listens to you, no one is paying you.  How do you deal with this:

  1. You need to get a crystal clear as to why people need to invest in you or your core products or core services because of the problem they want solved.  If you don’t do this it’s like making an offer to an empty audience.  Your reason why may not be their reason why.  Most clients are not interested in the process.  They have very specific problems that they want solved.
  2. What is your big idea?  This has to be presented in a way that is compelling.  For example my big idea is “Systems liberate you.  The magic of what I do in dealing with executives  is that I give them systems that help them find the balance between trusting too much and not enough.
  3. How to make the right choice of what your niche is?  You can’t pick shoes if you don’t have specifics.  If you’re not clear with what you’re looking for then it’s harder to decide.  That’s why we’re giving you 5 questions if your niche is HOT or NOT.  These 5 questions are included in the 4 week Niche Breakthrough Secrets if you are interested go to

Next issue, we’ll tackle the question on how to “Take Charge By Setting Your Boundaries”

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