Is Quality of Life for your Employees one of your Company Goals?

Have you ever wondered how happy your employees are and why should you even care about that?


Here is a fact that might be interesting to you: According to Harvard Business Review happy employees have an average 31% higher productivity, their sales are 37% higher, their creativity is three times higher. Think about that, what would a 37% increase in sales do for your company’s bottom line? So take your income from last year and imagine a 37% increase. Wow! So let me ask you again, have you ever really thought about what you could do to make your employees happier? Well, it is the 5th areas we are going to talk about and it’s called Quality of Life Audit. What does this audit do? It increases employees’ productivity, champion the company’s vision and mission and most importantly increases your revenue.


Have you ever thought of what you could do to make your employees happier?


Well, the answer is Quality of Life Audit. What is a Quality of Life A

udit? Well, it is part of my Increase Your Profit System where you can work to strategize your human resources and talent management to make sure that every hire is the right person for the right job inside your business.


What does that do for you? It’s going to give you the freedom to empower these employees, give them autonomy to make your business run efficiently and profitably.


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