Do You Have A Team You Can Trust?

Here’s a video I did last year:

What does it cost you to hire and train a new employee?

Well, actually there’s a study out there and the cost to hire a new employee is $57,968.00. This is staggering for those companies.

Have you ever wondered what it costs when you actually have a bad hire?

What do I actually mean by a bad hire?

A bad hire is having a wrong person that costs you money to train. You owe it to your company to have the right hiring decision because the cost of a bad hire is an astounding $840,000. Have you ever thought of protecting your company from these bad decisions?

Well, the answer is human resources audit. What is a human resource audit? Well, it is part of my Increase Your Profit System where you can work to strategize your human resources and talent management to make sure that every hire is the right person for the right job inside your business.

What does that do for you? It’s going to give you the freedom to empower these employees, give them autonomy to make your business run efficiently and profitably.

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