Auditor & Business Advisor Lourdes Gant

Lourdes Gant, CPA, MBA, Professional Auditor and Business Advisor

Lourdes Gant, CPA, MBA, Professional Auditor and Business Advisor

After graduating cum laude in university and earning my CPA and MBA fifteen years ago, I became employed by a big five accounting firm. Then only two years later, I accepted a position in a multi-level international company, where I was hired to audit and put policies and procedures into place to streamline the business.

It was a pretty intense job and I was pretty intense about it. But it got me thinking…

Both before and after my move to North America seven years ago, I began reading and learning more about how our thoughts and the way we look at our circumstances can change our circumstances.

I began the study of how to use our minds in a positive and dynamic way to reach our goals.

A Blended Approach

I like to call myself a blend between serious business acumen and open-minded joy. With a core value of freedom and a fifteen year history of advising already successful business owners how to step up to the next level, I have learned that taking our business seriously and enjoying our work and life are not mutually exclusive.

Qualifications and Expertise

I have worked, learned from and assisted many prosperous and successful business owners around the world and have the experience and qualifications to help you! My strengths are based on my professional history, where I have…

  • Provided professional services for multi-national and multi-lingual companies
  • Gained extensive experience in the Chinese market
  • Qualified as a Certified Public Accountant with a Masters in Business Administration
  • Earned the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) Registration Scheme for Internal Auditors of Quality System (Certificate No. PP4-1250; IRCA Registration No. R141-Internal Quality Auditing Experience in multi-national, multi-lingual companies including the Chinese market
  • Certified in Money Breakthrough Methods® and Niche Breakthrough Secrets Programs
  • Experienced in Financial and Administrative Management
  • Performed both Internal and External Auditing for a variety of businesses
  • Owned and operated my own successful business

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Bring on the transformation…

I’ve learned many things from my experiences, and I now make it my life’s calling as auditor and business advisor to share that experience with you. I know that transformation happens for the business owners I advise because both they and their results tell me so.

Auditing and business advising are a partnership of services that are essential to your business success and life satisfaction. As an independent auditor I bring perspective, objectivity and skill sets that also provide me with a picture of your business goals and insight into your leadership style. With this information, I am able to advise you through the tough decisions and the integration the your ideas and my findings into your business. The results are a wildly successful business with an empowered leader, exponential cash flow, and time to do what you want to do.

Contact me for more information or to talk about your business needs and goals and how I can help your achieve the business and life you truly want.