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How to Charge What You’re Worth & Get It®

How To Charge What You're Worth and Get It

Are you an executive business owner who is:

  • sabotaging your own success by under earning or undercharging?
  • over working and ending every day energetically drained?
  • feeling undervalued in your leadership role?
  • concerned that the current economic climate won’t support your financial goals?
  • carrying around old beliefs about hard work, what you are worth, and your true value?
  • over loading your to do list because “the buck stops” with you?
  • taking on the problems of your associates and your employees as if they were yours?
  • stuck in your business and feel like you’re getting nowhere?
  • over delivering and undercharging for your business service or product?
  • neglecting the recharge that you need to reach your peak performance level?

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Money Breakthrough Method®

Money Breakthrough Method Certified CoachA vast majority of people want help demystifying why they keep repeating unconscious, self-sabotaging money habits, how to break free of their “glass money ceiling” so they can make and keep more money, and how to create empowering money habits so they can begin to experience the richness that is their birthright.

This letter is written especially for you if you:

  • Under earn, even though you know you’re worth so much more
  • Frequently find yourself short of money, despite trying to make more
  • Want to achieve a new level of success in your business or career, but something always seems to be preventing you from making significant progress towards your goals
  • Wish someone would hand you a debt payoff plan that feels liberating
  • Are ready to transform your deepest fears regarding money into enlightened and joyful action
  • Want to create the wealth for you and your family that you’ve always desired
  • Are fed up with money blame, shame or guilt and are more than ready to heal your relationship with money, once and for all
  • Want PERSONAL coaching to help you make these life-changing, important breakthroughs

Now more than ever people are motivated to clean up their money junk, heal old money wounds and get on the right “money track” so they make more … and keep more of what they make.

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Niche Breakthrough Secrets

Niche Breakthrough SecretsAre you…

  • Someone who knows people need your service, product or program but struggle with filling your courses, teleseminars or workshops?
  • Tired of seeing that “glazed” look on peoples’ faces when you try to explain what you do?
  • Afraid that if you specialize you’ll offend someone or ignore people you know you can help?
  • Committed to growing your business but not if it means more work?
  • Beginning to realize that the future of your business is undeniably limited unless you can quickly and easily attract more ideal clients into your programs, courses and workshops, plus sell more of your products?

Not to worry … you’re in the right place! I know how frustrating it is to want to help people, only to have them ignore your offers or worse, glaze over when you try to share how you can help them. I know how scary it can be to even think about launching a new service, program or product when the last time you tried, so few people (if any) said “Yes.” Talk about embarrassing!

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